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  Begin Your ESG & Sustainability Journey


                                   Drive your organization into a sustainable future.

In the Sustainability-Tech space, CogniTensor provides carbon computation for digital assets to assess and reduce carbon emissions


Decarbonization of Digital Assets

Track to Record


Live computing of emissions and energy consumption on three fronts -

  • Infrastructure

  • Hardware

  • Application

E-waste management


Generating an inventory of e-waste and resource consumption in powering servers and cooling systems, as per applicability

Measure & Monitor


Real-time monitoring and visualization of environmental parameters under KPIs such as:

  • Emissions,

  • Energy Usage, 

  • Resource Utilisation



Application and hardware level optimizations to reduce carbon emissions & energy consumption

For example:

  • Rank-based microservices

  • Automated resource scaling

  • Minimising idle state of cloud 

The need of the hour is to ensure that application level optimization is built into the digital asset management practices of an organization.

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An end-to-end ESG platform that harnesses the power of AI to facilitate organizations attain a sustainability edge, with

  • Data Management

  • Reporting

  • Monitoring

  • Recommendations


The Path to Achieving Better ESG Performance

Describe one of your services


   Identify ESG

   priorities and       opportunities


   Build ESG roadmap to drive       investment             decisions



science-based           targets for            measurable           improvements


   Use software to       streamline

    reporting and          analysis


   Communicate            results to            stakeholders at        every level


How it works



Consolidation of all ESG data into a Single Source of Truth enhances data transparency & enterprises accountability

Seamless Data organization/integration and real time tracking of KPI’s through a consolidated ESG Database contribute to time savings.

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Automate ESG Reporting with a Consolidated Database

Establishing a consolidated database for all enterprise ESG data, CogniTensor offers an end-to-end solution that, while automating the reporting processes in compliance with the changing regulations, provides a transparent view on the current ESG parameters with a clear outlook on the future trends as well.

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Image by William Bossen

Reduce costs by preempting climate risk and optimizing operations

A real-time dashboard helps stakeholders understand the effects of climate risks directly linked with business KPIs and Machine Learning based recommender systems provide actionable recommendations for all business units. This enables organisations to prepare a business plan that incorporates the changing industry landscape due to climate change and a holistic overview of its impact on Financial, Reputational, and Compliance related outcomes.

Improve Reputation and Investor Confidence

Artificial Intelligence powered solutions in the ClimateTech space not only help optimize processes and save costs but also help improve an enterprise’s green index and reputation. Through long lasting compliance to ever changing regulations, businesses can boost reputation, legal standing and investor confidence.

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Product Suite

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Decarbonization of Digital Assets

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Sustain3P ESG Platform


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