Key Challenges

Understand Climate Risk

 Climate change related risk is now a prevalent impact on a business’ operational efficiency. Whether it be risks to operational costs, like the rising costs of water, or risks to procurement costs, like the rise in cotton prices for a textile manufacturer, AI can play an important role in helping key business stakeholders correlate and understand the effects of climate change on the tangible output of various business units

Conform to Green Regulations

In today’s world, conforming to sustainability and environmental regulations can lead to a lot of business benefits like improved customer and investor confidence, reduction in production costs, etc. AI can help stakeholders transform business operations to not only comply with such regulations, it also provides a finger on the pulse on all ESG data consolidated together for the ease of integrating responsible and sustainable practices.

Anticipate Future Change

In light of the green revolution, numerous ESG reporting requirements have been mandated by governing bodies, globally, requiring specialized data from all business units consolidated in various different formats. These mandates keep evolving and changing, year by year. AI can help automate this entire process while anticipating future change to compliance requirements, taking into account projected organizational growth.


Integrating business and sustainability KPIs to reliably indicate business output

Climate Change is now a prevalent risk for all industries both in terms of likelihood and the magnitude of impact on businesses. Most value chain points are prone to be affected by climate related risks which cannot be contained to within-the- fence operations of an organization. In view of these business scenarios and ever growing climate risks, relevant management teams do not have ready access to climate analytics to inform their business strategy. AI can help business stakeholders visualize their ESG data while providing a deep correlation analysis between climate factors, like temperature and rainfall, and direct organizational impacts like procurement costs, etc.

Direct Benefits of AI solutions

Automate ESG Reporting with a Consolidated Database

Establishing a consolidated database for all enterprise ESG data, CogniTensor offers an end-to-end solution that, while automating the reporting processes in compliance with the changing regulations, provides a transparent view on the current ESG parameters with a clear outlook on the future trends as well.

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Reduce costs by preempting climate risk and optimizing operations

A real-time dashboard helps stakeholders understand the effects of climate risks directly linked with business KPIs and Machine Learning based recommender systems provide actionable recommendations for all business units. This enables organisations to prepare a business plan that incorporates the changing industry landscape due to climate change and a holistic overview of its impact on Financial, Reputational, and Compliance related outcomes.

Improve Reputation and Investor Confidence

Artificial Intelligence powered solutions in the ClimateTech space not only help optimize processes and save costs but also help improve an enterprise’s green index and reputation. Through long lasting compliance to ever changing regulations, businesses can boost reputation, legal standing and investor confidence.

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Product Suite

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Climate Change Impact Mitigation

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Sustainability Insights and Analytics/360 ESG Reporting

CogniTensor's  Business Management Insight Tools enable decision makers to have a finger-on-the-pulse on their key business operations.

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