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Unlock the power of data for your manufacturing operations

Linking demand forecasting to inventory levels and supply chain thereby optimizing operations and increasing revenue

Manufacturing and Distribution are some of the industries with the most complex processes. These processes are unique to each and every enterprise with specific workflows tailored to the individual business unit. With the advent of Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions, a deluge of data is being generated within distinct silos. This vast data can be consolidated and, with the power of AI, help bring in a wave of digital transformation. Powered by AI, business processes can be optimized and even made future proof with the help of key actionable insights and analytics.

Key Challenges

Optimize your Supply Chain

Supply Chain processes require a scalable solution to optimize sales and keep stock levels prepared for future demand as well. With the help of AI and Machine Learning, key operations ranging from stock replenishment to procurement planning can be forecasted to preempt any fluctuations in key criteria. These solutions help business stakeholders gain deeper insight into the entire supply chain and automate key processes.

Bolster Procurement Decisions

With the help of predictive analytics, powered by AI, business stakeholders can reduce their procurement costs through preemptive demand forecasting and accurate price predictions on energy exchanges. This helps energy enterprises prepare inventory levels to keep the lowest time to market while preventing over or under stocking. Moreover, business stakeholders can identify the optimal strategies for procurement through holistic deep vendor grading and profiling.

Accelerate Business Decisions

With the advent of near real time data being generated by organizations through the revolution of Industry 4.0, organizations globally are sitting with a deluge of data in various silos. With the help of creating a consolidated data layer, businesses can achieve near real time analytics and forecasts to keep a finger on the pulse on all business operations. Along with this, enterprises have been able to derive decisions through the decision support systems in place to provide data driven actionable insights. 

Direct Benefits of AI solutions

Accurately forecast key processes

With the help of an external factors database, CogniTensor offers a unique method to optimize forecasting. While traditional enterprise data is being used all over the world to forecast future events, CogniTensor’s forecasts include multiple factors that may be affecting future events as well. From geopolitical events to climate change, all factors are taken into the solution development process to provide accurate forecasting at your fingertips.

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In addition to deep profiling, CogniTensor can help stakeholders plan procurement with data driven forecasting of raw material prices and production forecasting based on sales data. This helps reduce an organization’s procurement costs through optimizing vendor selection based on quality, timeliness and price.

Reduce procurement costs with Deep Learning

Gain a finger on the pulse on cash flow management

CogniTensor’s AI powered solutions directed towards payment processing and optimization not only help finance teams keep track on upcoming and aging payments but also help grading dealers based on cash flow performance. This helps organizations keep track of real time cash flow.

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Product Suite

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 Demand Forecasting

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Strategic Warehouse

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Sales Forecasting

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Quantity Discount Optimization

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Payment Analytics System

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Up Sell & Cross Sell Planning

CogniTensor's  Business Management Insight Tools enable decision makers to have a finger-on-the-pulse on their key business operations.

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