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About Us

At CogniTensor, we have created a blueprint technology called DeepOptics which provides faster development and deployment to power AI/ML applications by bridging the gap between development and production teams. This enables us to build and deploy fully customizable and end-to-end AI/ML applications to tackle various key business tasks. 

CogniTensor is bringing in a monumental shift with the development of a collaborative MLOps environment that combines version control of data, machine learning models and other aspects that fall under the realm of MLOps. 

Using the DeepOptics platform, CogniTensor has a suite of ready to deploy applications in various sectors. These applications have been deployed for various organisations and continue to see growing interest ever since.


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Arun Aggarwal

Co-Founder and CEO

Arun has an extensive background as a recognized leader in international sales, business development, and strategic partnerships. Arun worked as Management Advisor for APAC and also served as MD, Comptel India. He has also worked with companies including Lucent Technologies as Regional Director, IBM India as Country Manager for Communications and at Digital Equipment Corporation as National Sales Manager.


Ashish Airon

Co-Founder and CTO

Ashish has successfully run multiple startups and was a researcher in Germany in Natural Language Processing. Ashish holds a Masters in Computer Science from Oxford University, UK with a specialisation in Deep Learning. Ashish has also been bestowed with Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in Enterprise Technology for 2020.


Pankaj Mathur

Co-Founder and President

Pankaj is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of successfully running businesses in the IT and Telecom industry. He has held leadership positions with P&L responsibility at IBM, HP, ACME Telepower, and Orange Business Services. Pankaj’s core strength lies in creating and implementing transformational strategies leading to high profitability and growth.



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