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Key Challenges

Time Crunch for the Workforce

According to a recent McKinsey study, only 49% of a teacher’s time is spent in direct interaction with students. Majority of a teacher’s time is spent in administrative tasks like report creation, assessment and grading, etc. AI and Automation can play a huge role in reducing this burden on teaching staff, encouraging teachers to provide personalized attention to their students.

Holistic Student Improvement

In today’s world, academic parameters like test grades are not the only factors indicating student performance. There are various other skills that are included when student performance is evaluated. While this can be done for a few students, AI can help create a holistic picture of a student’s improvement scalable for thousands of students. With the help of cohort building and multivariate analysis, teachers can gain better insight into the improvement of student performance

Personalization of Pedagogy

The archaic cookie cutter approach in education is now being revolutionized in light of the personalization of teaching. Each student is unique and to efficiently grow them into well rounded individuals, unique improvement plans need to be implemented. Machine Learning and deep student profiling can help enable predictive and prescriptive analytics to visualize the growth of a student while drawing key recommendations to help a student achieve their maximum potential.

Enable continuous improvement with real-time performance analytics 

Reduce burden on teachers through streamlining of processes while providing consolidated insights at the student, class and school level 

Direct Benefits of AI solutions

Predict Student Performance through Deep Student Analysis

CogniTensor offers institutes a 360 degree view of a student’s performance at the management, parent and even student level. Through the predictive power of AI, this student performance can be forecasted and individual plans and recommendations can be generated through Machine Learning based algorithms. 

Image by Justin Morgan

CogniTensor helps institutes understand staff and resource efficiency to allocate these resources for streamlined operations. AI powered insights help institutes understand and reorganize staff based on a multitude of factors including student performance as well to provide end to end analyses

Reduce costs by optimizing resource allocation

Gain Unbiased Feedback with automated workflows

CogniTensor offers an automated solution to help management get unbiased feedback from key groups like students and parents. Through an anonymous interface, key insights are drawn to understand the performance of an institute.

Group Discussion

Product Suite

Group 18.png

CogniTensor Education Analytics

Group 21.png

Student Performance Dashboard

Group 20.png

Teacher Performance Dashboard

CogniTensor's Education Analysis Tools enable decision makers to have a finger-on-the-pulse on academic operations.

Image by Álvaro Serrano

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