Energy Portfolio Management

CogniTensor's Energy Management Portfolio Tool helps businesses harness the power of AI to optimize the day-to-day and prepare for future energy fulfilment scenarios.

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Energy Price Prediction


Predicts the price of energy on the Day-ahead, Real time and Derivative markets on the Indian Energy Exchange with high optimal accuracy.

Leverages an “ External Events” database capturing relevant external factors impacting price and volume.


Optimize Procurement planning through market price predictions while minimizing risk exposure.

Optimize the channel mix for energy fulfilment through ML based dynamic recommendations.

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Energy Demand Forecasting


Provides ML based forecasting for energy demand at macro and asset level.

Enables organizations to know what quantities to buy for a particular period of time.


Reduce human dependency through automation of the workflow of processes from demand forecasting to fulfilment recommendations

Provides real-time recommendations to enable fulfilment in case of any pent up demand.

Energy Fulfilment Management


Provides ML based dynamic recommendations on selecting optimal channel mix for energy fulfilment by leveraging energy price prediction and forecasted demand.

Automates the workflow of processes from demand forecasting to fulfilment recommendations to reduce human dependency.

Visualise the requirements of a future energy demand system and provide actionable recommendations for the same.

Builds ‘scenarios’ or imagined pictures of the future in order to visualize how energy resources may be used in future.


Understand price, volume and discount analysis through deep visualization

Decrease costs and Increase profitability by reducing slow moving stock levels

Minimize discount budgets with the help of data driven strategies.

CogniTensor's Energy Portfolio Management detects future prices and suggests when to buy optimally, minimizes risk exposure and optimizes portfolio management. To know more, get in touch with us by clicking