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CogniTensor Education Analytics

CogniTensor's Education Analytics Tool analyzes student performances at every granular level to help encourage holistic education in the new and emerging academic world through key actionable insights.

Classifies students into cohorts based on cognitive and academic performance to target key problem areas

Displays actionable insights for teachers and students via analytical dashboards and reports on a class, student and even concept level

Enables comparative analyses of different sections within a class and even track student, section or class performances through the years

Encourages healthy competitiveness while providing a recommendation solution based on knowledge gaps and mastery levels identified for students

Promotes personalized and directed teaching through understanding individual academic and cognitive performances

Predicts the strength areas of each student and forecast trends about the subjects and disciplines they are likely to excel 

Acts as a decision support system for students going into new academic regulations, where they can select a personal mix of subjects, through Machine Learning driven trend analyses