Climate Change Impact Mitigation

CogniTensor's Climate Change Impact Mitigation Tool supports key stakeholders in their journey of predicting and understanding how climate risks affect key aspects of their business through Artificial Intelligence powered strategies

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Climate Change Impact Mitigation Tool


Links climate related risks to inputs, processes, and outputs on the raw materials procurement.

Visualizes vital correlational analyses of important business KPIs and relevant input parameters like rainfall, temperature, etc.

Provides a user interactive forecast feature for a "what-if" analysis on future climate scenarios.

Recommends actionable insights classified for individual business units based on various compliances and regulations in the sustainability domain.


Allows decision makers to anticipate future change to compliance requirements also taking into account projected organisational growth.

Helps businesses preemptively adapt their key processes to mitigate climate change.

Mitigates climate change impact thereby boosting reputation, legal standing and investor confidence.

CogniTensor's Climate Change Impact Mitigation Tool integrates the different components for a holistic view of the inter-linkages between business and sustainability. To know more, get in touch with us by clicking