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Collaboration is the key to success in this increasingly digital world!

Our Partners



Accenture Ventures India is part of Accenture's global Ventures program, which has a partnership focus with multiple ecosystem partners. Working at the intersection of business and technology, Accenture is fueling innovation-led growth for its clients.



Microsoft ISV partners can leverage guidance on building modern, scalable, and secure apps, and developing go to market plans. This allows CogniTensor to post its solutions on the Azure Marketplace and take advantage of multiple channels to reach customers globally.



PwC acts as a single point for Private Equity clients on fund structuring, deal origination and execution, post deal services and exit planning.



CogniTensor and ThinkThrough Consulting have collaborated together to combine critical domain expertise, in their respective fields of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability solutions, to create a Climate Risk Assessment and Impact Mitigation solution. It generates different scenarios from simulations involving variables impacted by climate-change to identify and integrate business sustainability interventions.

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